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Coolest LI-related Arduino Apps

Turn Signal Biking Jacket

Jacket with turn signals that will let people know where you're headed when you're on your bike.

Gotthard: intelligent furniture

Gotthard calls attention on itself and invites to take a seat, by following the user. He records the talks of the users, in order to communicate these to other people later. By LEDs he indicates how much knowledge he offers. He will never be out of date, because sometimes he forgets older discussions.

A wearable additional eye

RearEye is a simple Lilypad project in order to get additional distance senses. It was developed as a high school project. Put it in your pocket or backpack in order to sense someone / something approaching.

Music instruments: cool laser harp


Plant that makes phone call (or twitters) if it wants to be watered

OpenSource Bluetooth Watch Initiative

Check out your Facebook Account, Check in with Foursquare , Control Mediaplayer of your phone.


Interface for helping people affected by disabilities who cannot use common interfaces such as mouse and keyboard. MouseGlobe offers a natural way to move the screen pointer, click and drag objects.

Control Servo Motors with the Wii Mote Joystick

Friday Night Drawbot


Wireless home-power monitoring system


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