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Amsterdam Museum Data

The metadata describing the Amsterdam Museum Collection is available in various formats.


As part of the EuropeanaConnect project, we have converted the Adlib-database XML to Europeana Data Model-compliant RDF. More information about this can be found on the AM as LOD page. Along with the data, we have partial alignments to Geonames, Ulan and the Dutch AAT. The data can be accessed in multiple ways, which are listed on its CKAN page.

The file is pretty large, so we also provide a small sample of EDM RDF.


The original Adlib metadata comes in XML files. In this open directory, we have listed some samples of the object metadata, the people database and the thesaurus.

Rijksmonumenten data

Chris van Aart has scraped and converted information about National Monuments to XML. These are also converted to EDM/RDF, both files are available from this link.

apps for amsterdam data

The data that has been opened for apps for amsterdam is available here.

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