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Group Members

  • Anna
  • Antoine
  • Gaston
  • Szymon


While walking around Amsterdam potential museum visitors (local or tourist) can collect buildings or locations they like through some system (perhaps foursquare or some other existing application). When they visit the Amsterdam museum they can upload their favorite locations and generate a guided tour for the museum based on this information. Each visitor then dons a belt that will guide him/her through the museum to each of the objects related to favorite locations. The belt guides the visitor by subtle vibrations in the direction the visitor needs to take. The advantage of the belt is that visitors keep their hands free and the vibrations are only felt by the user and does not disturb other visitors.


We built a belt with two vibrating motors attached to different parts of the belt that could be turned on by throwing switches on a laptop attached with a USB cable.


Originally we wanted to install at least 4 vibrating motors to be able to give four-way directions (front, back, left and right. In order to demonstrate that the user is sent in a certain direction we also wanted to install 4 light sensors and then have a strong light near the targeted "artwork". Ideally we would have had infrared sensors to direct the user but that technology was not available. We were also unable to implement the light sensors on the belt due to time constraints. Of the original four vibrating motors we installed two.


We used a Phidget interface and two vibrating motors.


Images of the (making of) the prototype go here


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