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Group Members

  • Lora
  • Christophe
  • Jun Fang
  • Victor/Michiel
  • and Rinke!


Our idea is a jigsaw puzzle depicting a map of Amsterdam. Each of the pieces is a neighborhood of the city. The goal of the puzzle game is to put the pieces in the right place and in the correct historical order (e.g. the city center first, then the fist ring of the grachtengordel etc.). Every time a correct next piece is put into place, a beamer projects a map from that period onto the puzzle surface.

Additionally, Amsterdam Museum collection objects are displayed, belonging to the correct period and section of the city. As the player gets closer to current day Amsterdam, the objects become more and more modern as well. The player can also retrieve more metadata about the displayed objects.


The prototype we built during the SW outing has most of the proposed functionalities in place. 8 wooden puzzle pieces represent the city's historical sections. They fit a 60x50cm size puzzle board, mounted on styrofoam. The prototype detects which puzzle holes are filled with a piece and sends this information to a computer. The software on the computer determines whether the order is correct and adjust the projection accordingly. Collection objects and their metadata is now shown in a separate column rather than projected onto the map.


Only four of the pieces can be detected. No additional negative feedback is given to the user when a wrong piece is placed on the board.


We used the FabLab laser and vinyl cutters to make the puzzle pieces. We used light sensors to detect the presence of puzzle pieces, these were connected to a fidget board. The sensor values were passed to a computer, where software was used to determine the projection.


Image:Mappuzzle1.jpg Image:Mappuzzle2.jpg Image:Pz_schema_sm.jpg


Ideas that did not make it

  • The museum as a meeting point. Amsterdammers share information about objects with tourists, e.g. their personal experiences. Tourists share information with Amsterdammers, e.g. how an object or event is related to something in their culture. Information could be shared through mobile uploading or through a USB hub.
  • A bicycle (steering wheel) that you can use to navigate the AM information space (left is back in time, right is forward in time, left is further away from Amsterdam, etc..)
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