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Group Members

  • Shengui
  • Jan
  • Annette
  • Zhisheng
  • Jacco (2nd day only)


Nobody can be completely neutral while browsing the museum collections. A same object may cause different emotions for people with different background. Our idea is to collect the emotional signals of the museum visitors while they go through the museum. The signals can be heart beat rate, skin colour, walking speed, etc. After collecting and processing these signals, we can draw an emotional map of the whole museum. We can also draw individual emotional maps for each different kinds of visitors, foreigners vs Dutch, young vs elderly, men vs women, ying vs yang, etc.


The prototype we built is an emotional glove. It consists of a sensor which measures the heart beat rate and a visible yingyang circle which illuminate certain LED bulbs based on the sensor measurement.


We have difficulties to build a proper sensor for this purpose, therefore, we faked it by using an analog input device.


We programed with the Arduino which transforms the analog input to digital output, then illuminate certain bulbs.


Images of the (making of) the prototype go here


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