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The Semantic Web Uitje of 2011 is about thinking outside of the box. Guided by Waag Society we invite you to experience the act of creative thinking and rapid prototyping. For inspiration, what more do we need than our own city of Amsterdam? We take you to the Amsterdam Museum, explore its waters, and take a peek at the other side. Step out of the comfort zone and explore the world of physical computing.



You can add your notes on the Semwebuitje2011-notes page.

Photos and Videos

Please share your photo's here. We will also produce a short video for the whole outing as well as one for each of the group projects


We have worked in groups of 4/5 people, preferably two from each department. There is a wiki page for each group, describing the ideas and the prototypes.

Check this out!

  • Inspiration: Video's of projects that should inspire you for the day.
  • Technologies: We will be working with a number of different (physical computing) technologies. As a preparation, you can have a look at our page where we list these Technologies. If you want to get hands on experience, contact Victor, Kathrin or Michiel. You might be able to borrow some equipment.
  • Data: We turn to the Amsterdam Museum as a source of inspiration and for their collection. Their collection data is available in various formats, which can be found on the Data page.

From Idea to Prototype

During the semantic web outing, we will experience the cycle of conceiving, developing and building a prototype device within 16 hours. We hope that this heavily condensed process shows us how the creative process works and provides us new ways of coming up with good ideas. We use the following techniques and concepts in this creative process.

  1. Design challenge: We formulated a design challenge that you can use as a starting point for brainstorming. You are not restricted to this challenge and are free to formulate your own.
  2. Brainstorming: An effective way of coming up with new ideas and innovation is Brainstorming. During the outing, we will have a 1-hour brainstorming session. We provide a page with some background information and theory about Brainstorming.
  3. Prototyping: On the second day, we will spend most time developing our ideas at Waag. During the building process new insights about the feasibility, fidelity and functionality of the idea/device will emerge. The prototyping therefore is "just" another part of the creative process.
  4. Pitching Ideas: At several points, we ask you to describe your ideas and/or prototypes in a 1 minute pitch. Through this, we hope to establish that people reconsider their ideas, with respect to the design challenge addressed.

Program (archived)

The Program is now archived.

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