Agenda 11-04-13

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  • 1. LaTeCH paper (see Planned Publications)
    • Proposal: Jelle as co author
    • 18 April 1ste draft
    • Long paper
  • 2. Wiki Page and other means of on-line project presentation
    • Separate (WordPress) site for public access,. ACTION Antske
    • Wiki access: only via login, ACTION Guus: check config
  • 3. Communication, announcements, keeping everybody up to date
    • Project team should communicate via mailing
  • 4. Soeterbeeck (14 June)
    • Victor will present NIOD project paper (Verenigd Koninkrijk)
    • Antske may visit on behalf on our project, or possibly Serge
  • 5. AOB
    • Jelle will have meeting on Tuesday with Antske
    • Susan will talk at NIOD meeting about "old paper"


Present via Skype

  • Antske


  • Els Kloek
  • Rik Hoekstra
  • Victor de Boer
  • Niels Ockeloen
  • Piek Vossen
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