Agenda 6-11-13

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  • Paper update: Workshop paper eHumanities 14-15 November (Serge)
  • Paper update: Journal paper on computational methods and biographies (Serge)
  • Data form E-humanities specialisation: BiographyNet as a lab (due 8 November) (Serge, Antske)
  • eScience symposium 7 November (Piek)
  • the new GUI wireframes (Lora)

- Time was up -

  • the links between Agora & BiographyNet data (Lora)
  • Paper update: LREC abstract (based on LaTeCH, Antske)
  • Milena's slides: BiographyNet in 5 minutes
  • AOB


  • Niels Ockeloen
  • Ronald Sluijter
  • Serge ter Braake (second half)
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