Agenda 21-08-2014

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  • DH Commons Project Statement (submitted August 15th) (Antske, Serge)
  • Workshop Biographical Dictionaries First Half 2015 (update) (Antske, Serge Sebastiaan, Ronald)
  • Progress Demonstrator (Antske)
  • Demonstrator of BiographyNet at eScience Symposium November (Antske representing Milena)
  • Academy Assistants Time Will Tell a Different Story (progress) (Antske, Serge)
  • Presentation eScience (Thursday 18 September, 15:00-17:00) (all, with ref to item 1, Antske has feedback from Milena)
  • Presentation Huygens ING (Thursday 25 September, 9:00-11:00) (all)
  • Presentation E-humanities group, Meertens, proposed dates (all)
  • Crowd Sourcing (Progress) (Antske)
  • Papers Barcelona deadline 1 September (Serge)
  • Closed call eScience
  • Presentation Crash Course, DH, Amsterdam 21 October, 15:00-17:00 (TBC)
  • Planning meetings 2014/2015


Niels (holidays) Piek (holidays) Guus (holidays) Milena (other obligations)

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