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Present Antske, Guus, Milena, Niels (Skype), Serge, Susan

  • The organization of the Workshop on biographical data in the first half of 2015 is briefly discussed. Susan stresses the importance of setting a common goal/outcome: a European project and a common research question: 'Why is it important that we link everything to everything? Guus mentions other possibly interesting common research questions like linked data and crowd sourcing. Antske and Serge will try to organize and coordinate this workshop primarily together with Sebastiaan and Ronald from Hugens, but also with Eveline and Thierry from Austria and other German speaking colleagues who are rumored to organize a similar event around the same time.
  • About the eScience Center informal presentation on 18 September: Serge mentions it might be a good idea to focus on presenting the prototype. Guus mentions he also wants to address some more general research themes and issues like crowd sourcing, connections to other eScience projects and recap what our meta questions are and how this fits with other European projects. Milena notes that it is also important to let the eScience Center know what we would recommend for them. Guus, Antske, Niels and Serge will be present
  • A BiograhyNet delegation (most likely Serge, Antske, Niels) will present the project during a crash course on digital humanities on 21 or 23 October. Susan mentions it will be a good idea to also test the demo version there
  • The BiographyNet team will submit, most likely, at least two papers to the second Histo Informatics Workshop in Barcelona [1]. Serge will take the lead
  • Next meeting will be on 21 August 14:00-15:30, after which a new schedule will be implemented (though possibly Thursday afternoons will still be fine)


  • Milena mentions it is a good idea to make the names of people bold in the meeting notes if they need to take action. Serge will do this
  • Antske will start regular meetings with other eScience engineers working on Humanities projects
  • Serge mentions the already widely spread news of CLARIAH being rewarded with 12 M for Digital Infrastructure for Humanities Research [2]
  • Susan mentions infrastructural problems at a well known website for historical research
  • Susan mentions she still needs to write Els a kind goodbye note
  • Antske mentions she still needs to write Jelle
  • Serge needs to contact Sebastiaan about a date for the demo presentation at Huygens
  • Niels reports on the progress of Wouter on his master thesis on a Biographynet user interface. Master thesis presentation will be on 18 July
  • Susan mentions that Europeana has started to incorporate stories contributed by users; Guus mentions on the Europeana theme that it will be a good idea to invite Antoine Isaac for one of our meetings; Antske will contact him after the summer
  • Susan mentions that very few students have enrolled in the UvA/VU digital humanities minor
  • Serge mentions that his latest blog on tool criticism [3] has been accessed 115 times (which is a good score compared to previous blogs)
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