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Present: Antske, Milena, Piek, Sebastiaan, Serge, Susan Present through Skype: Guus, Niels

Binnen Huygens de afdeling IT gebonden aan allerlei afspraken. Complicaties van het proces. Meeting in September between Niels, Jelle and the computer people from Huygens. How do the two repositories communicate? What does Jelle do? Meeting Jelle with Antske, Serge, Niels, Guus and Huygens IT people.

Two meetings: one with Jelle about his role in the project. one with the Huygens IT people about the collaboration. (Gert-Jan Filarski).

In September we should have a demonstrator at Huygens ING. Workshop first half of 2015: stepping stone to European project. (also with Eveline and Thiery). Sebastiaan will contact RKD and PDC, for which the board of the BP needs to be summoned again.

LREC was well received. Someone has an annotated version of Van der Aa. eScience yearly presentation (18-09) proposal Antske/Serge working on it. Serge should write something about what qualifications are historians looking at? Look at any qualifications attributed to the governors and why. People can only look at keywords now, which is very limited. The word ‘hero’ is still very en vogue.

The historical part of biography writing is a core part of the history curriculum. Niels: Wouter graduates this summer; work on demonstrator; Newsreader Hackaton.

Antske: set up crowd sourcing with Lora

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