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Present: Antske, Guus, Milena, Niels, Piek, Sebastiaan, Serge, Susan

  • The definite goodbye from Els is lamented. Sebastiaan Derks is warmly welcomed as her replacement
  • Huygens has expressed the wish to host the BiographyNet demonstrator. A meeting should be held between the BiographyNet team, Jelle and the Huygens IT experts in September to see how this can be achieved. There also is the idea to organize an international workshop on biographies and digital humanities in the first half of 2015. This can be merged with the rejected workshop proposal from Antske and Serge for the conference in Lausanne
  • Jelle will be in the Netherlands in July/August. A meeting will be set up with (part of) the BiographyNet team to discuss his role.
  • Antske reports that the LREC poster was received very well. She got in touch with someone who has Van der Aa's biographical dictionary with the place names annotated. This and possibly other interesting sets will be made available to us
  • Yearly, informal presentation at eScience is planned on 18 September, 15:00-17:00
  • Antske and Serge are working on a proposal for two student assistants (history/linguistics) for the Network Institute Call, working on changes in perspectives in biographies (deadline 22 June).
  • Main task this summer will be building a prototype demonstrator (Antske and Niels) and writing a user manual for this prototype (Serge).
  • Antske is working with Lora (and soon also with Serge) to start crowd sourcing activities for annotations. Results should be there before the end of the summer. It will be attempted to do as much as possible with the crowd and as little as possible with experts
  • Niels notes that Wouter should graduate on 18 July on his BiographyNet user interface thesis, which results can be incorporated into the real design
  • Niels' reports on promising results during the Newsreader Hackaton, which may be integrated for BiographyNet as well
  • Milena's idea to make a distinction between big (including all people involved from the sideline) and small meetings (all the core members) is met with approval
  • In September we should have a prototype demonstrator, to show at eScience (ut supra) and at Huygens
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