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Conference Subject Deadline Authors Conference date Conference location Status
Digital Humanities Provenance in e-Humanities 15-10-2013 Serge, Niels, Antske, Guus, Piek, Susan 14-15 Nov 2013 Amsterdam abstract accepted
ACRH-3 Annotations in humanities: how to annotate GAF 15-09-2013 Antske, ? 12 Dec 2013 Sofia in prep

Journal Subject Authors planned submission date Status
European Studies?/Biography?/Spinoff voor BMGN? National identities and Biogr. Dict Serge, Antske, Niels first half 2014 in prep
BMGN Digital Monument/Biographies/Provenance/Cultural Heritage Serge, Anat Harel (Jewish Historical Museum) December 2013 in prep
Biography Biography and Computational Methods Serge, Niels, Antske before the Summer 2013 submitted
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