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Conference Subject Deadline Authors Conference date Conference location Status
ACL-main 20-02-2013 Antske, Marieke, Piek e.a. 05-07 Aug 2013 Sofia camera ready submitted
RANLP WS (SWAIE/NLP&LOD) 03/05-07-2013 Antske, Niels, Serge (?), Marieke, Piek 7-13 Sept 2013 Hissar, Bulgaria in prep
EMNLP 05-07-2013 Antske, Niels (?) Serge (?) 18-21 Oct 2013 Seattle in prep (depending on results, may become the above)
ISWC-LISC BiographyNet: Managing Provenance at multiple levels and from different perspectives 12-07-2013 Niels, Antske, Serge, Piek 21-25 Oct 2013 Sydney Submitted
Digital Humanities 15-10-2013 Serge, Niels, Antske, Guus, Piek, Susan 14-15 Nov 2013 Amsterdam abstract accepted

Journal Subject Authors planned submission date Status
European Studies?/Biography?/Spinoff voor BMGN? National identities and Biogr. Dict Serge, Antske, Niels end 2013 begin 2014 in prep
BMGN Digital Monument/Biographies/Provenance/Cultural Heritage Serge, Anat Harel (Jewish Historical Museum) September 2013 in prep
Biography Biography and Computational Methods Serge, Antske (?), Niels (?) before the Summer 2013 in prep
 ??? Building blocks biography Serge, Antske, Niels  ? very initial prep
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