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Programma van Eisen (Requirements Program) Department of Informatics UvA-VU, 18 March 2015.

This document should serve three purposes:

  1. It must help us to advance with the design of a combined UvA-VU Department of Informatics which is by all means non-trivial. Only once we have a correct and complete design we can make up our mind on whether or not it describes the preferred way to go. There are still many options.
  2. It should enable the dean and the university boards to assess whether such a department is feasible from a governance and legal point of view, and, if so, which organizational measures are required to make it work.
  3. It should help to kickoff the discussion with representative bodies of students and university employees such as the works councils about pro's and con's of the organization of such a joint department.

Staff meeting

Slides staff meeting, 27 March 2015

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