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The evaluation procedure shall be executed before the end of the temporary contract. The evaluation will be performed by the Departmental Science Committee (ARW), extended with the Department Director of Education, and at least one external member who is a recognised expert in the relevant research field. The candidate's immediate supervisor is excluded from membership of the ARW for the purposes of this evaluation. An interview with the candidate is part of the procedure.

The procedure results in an advice to the Head of Department on whether to grant tenure. The Head of Department can deviate from this advice only in exceptional circumstances, and supported by a written statement.


The criteria for the evaluation are as follows:

  • the candidate should qualify for the UD1 profile (see below) by a clear margin
  • the candidate should have substantial experience outside the department
  • the candidate is expected to have demonstrated success in grant acquisition, and
  • the candidate is expected to have a substantial international collaboration network.


The input to the procedure consists of:

  • CV of the candidate, including acquired project funding and list of publications (listing all co-authors and venues, and mentioning the 3 best publications)
  • a research statement, including attention to embedding in the Department.
  • a teaching statement and a teaching CV, including description of content and material used for teaching by the candidate
  • the teaching evaluations of courses taught by the candidate
  • an advice of the immediate supervisor, based on a recent annual appraisal of the candidate, including a statement on the role of the candidate in the Department

Appendix: UFO criteria UD

NOTE: This information on criteria for an UD position is copied here for convenience. The information is a selection from the original source which can be found via the UFO ranking instrument, available via VUnet or via the VSNU site. Last update: 25 Nov 2014


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