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Wiki of VU Computer Science

These wiki pages contain non-confidential, mainly internal information relevant for the department. For the official website of the department see


UvA-VU cooperation

Process Documents


February 2017: background information Science in Amsterdam (in Dutch)
Toelichting op de Amsterdamse bètasamenwerking en het huisvestingsprogramma
February 2017: housing of Science in Amsterdam
Amsterdamse beta-samenwerking: ondersteuning met huisvesting en faciliteiten
January 2017: concerns students (in Dutch)
Response UvA and VU boards to student concerns
July- - November 2015: documents about Science in Amsterdam (in Dutch)
Speelveld en Spelregels
Afwegingskader Locatie Opleidingen
Kaders voor Bachelor-programma's
November 2015: cooperation of technology centers UvA & VU science faculties (in Dutch)
Samenwerking en programma van wensen huisvesting Technologie centra VU-UvA-

Specific for Computer Science

February 2017: Information Sciences Education in Perspective (in Dutch)
Brief van UvA Opleidingsdirecteuren over "Informatica Onderwijs in Perspectief"
December 2016: questions about NU building
responses to questions about NU building from UvA study association VIA and faculty student council
November 2016: information NU facilities
presentation VU campus organisation about facilities in NU building for study associations
May 2016: report 3rd survey committee on bachelor programs
Final report (in Dutch)
March 2016: formal decision by dean to start preparation for joint department
Decision plus motivation (in Dutch)
Roadmap (in Dutch)
November 2015: request for joint department
Proposed name of the joint department: Amsterdam Department of Informatics (ADI).
Document (in Dutch): Verzoek instelling ADI
March 2015: Program of Requirements and Policy Choices
See separate page: PvE 18 March 2015
November 2014: Dosier Informatics
On 11 November the Faculty Board distributed a "Dossier Informatics" (in Dutch) to staff members and students. It contains details of ongoing activities with respect to UvA-VU cooperation in the Informatics domain. Amongst others, it contains the report of the survey committee for the joint Master programs.
2011-2012: First survey committee ("Verkennimgscommissie")
Two documents (in Dutch)

Specific for Physics & Astronomy

January 2017: documents for decision about housing (in Dutch)
FTE's en functies
Biofotonica & Standplaatswijziging Natuurkunde
February 2016: decision about request DPA
letter of Dean to councils about decision w.r.t. requests joint institutes (in Dutch)
November 2015 - May 2015: location curricula Physics & Astronomy
Compilation of documents (in Dutch)
November 2015: Letter of Intent DPA
Letter of intent (in Dutch)

Specific for Earth, Ecology & Environment

January 2017: information Department of Earth Sciences (AAW)
fte's, functes (in Dutch)
October 2016: report potential master tracks
suggestions for master tracks (in Dutch)
December 2014: report VC2
report 2nd survey committee

Specific for SRON

June 2014: agreement scientific cooperation SRON/UvA/VU
Kaderovereenkomst wetenschappelijke samenwerking SRON/VU/UvA

New Building

The plan of UvA and VU is to house their department of Informatics in the New University building (in Dutch: "Nieuwe Universiteitsgebouw"). Construction of this new building on the VU campus started in the fall of 2014. The current schedule says that the building will become operational in the second quarter of 2018. .

Information :

  • Poster work streams (in Dutch) This poster shows the timing of the different streams of work for the NU building. Note that the first seven floors are meant for general educational, cultural and recreational activities. Floors 8-13 hosts offices. We expect that UvA+VU Informatics will occupy 2-3 of these floors.
  • VU page about the new building (text in Dutch, video in English; there is also an English page, but it is poorly translated and lacks the link to the video)
  • Video of the architect with an animation of the interior of the building (June 2014; interestingly enough not linked from the VU page above)


Research evaluation

Period 2009-2014 :

Amsterdam Data Science

VU Computer Science and the UvA Institute for Informatics have founded, together with CWI and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences HvA, the Amsterdam Data Science center (ADS). For more information see for example the videos of ADS researchers.

The role of Paul Groth (who joins Elsevier in January 2015) in the ADS management committee will be taken over by Sanne Abeln and Henri Bal.

Research themes

During 2014 the two departments have organised discussion meetings around size research themes, to which all staff members were invited:

  • Computer systems
  • Socio-Technical systems
  • Automated learning systems
  • Foundations of informatics
  • Intelligent systems
  • Computational science

It appears that these research themes overall provide a reasonable to good coverage of ongoing work in the two institutions. These themes might therefore serve as a starting point for internal organization of a joint department.

Focus areas

Together UvA and VU have formulated three focus areas (in Dutch "speerpunten") which characterise the profile the joint research:

  • Data & Decisions
  • Performance & Security
  • Socio-technical systems

The focus areas are externally oriented. They are not meant to replace the research themes above, nor require a unique allocation of researchers to one area.

Research evaluation

In the national research evaluation for the period 2009-2014 the two departments have delivered a self-evaluation report under joint editorship. The report has separate UvA/VU sections on the results of the reporting period and a joint section on the vision for the future.

Guszti Eiben and Annette ten Teije coordinated the VU work on this report; Paola Grosso did the same for the UvA side.


Cooperation with UvA is at the moment mainly in the context of Master programmes. The start of this cooperation actually predates the discussions on UvA-VU cooperation in the Sciences domains. Together, we can offer a strong and attractive collection of Master programs. The complementarity of the UvA and VU Informatics groups is the key rationale.

Currently, the following Master cooperations exist:

Computer Science (since Sep 2013)
Master program offered by the VU. UvA staff teaches 30% of the courses.
Computational Science (since Sep 2013)
Master Program offered by UvA. VU staff teaches about 30% of the courses
VU Information Sciences and UvA Information Studies (since Sep 2011)
These two one-year Masters have a coordinated program with a similar structure. Students follow courses at both universities.
Artificial Intelligence (expected to start in Sep 2015)
Master program offered by UvA. This will be a "classical" technical AI program, which builds on the strongly complementary AI expertise in both universities. VU staff will teach about one-thrid of the courses.
Socially Aware Computing (expected to start in Sep 2016)
Master program offered by the VU, with substantial participation from UvA staff. This program is intended for students of the VU bachelor Lifestyle Informatics, but also for students from Computer Science and Information Science bachelors.



Evaluation procedures

Career information

Work satisfaction reports

These documents are all in Dutch.

2015 Werkbelevingsonderzoek
Uitkomsten per faculteit/dienst
Uitkomsten voor afdeling Informatica


Revisie eHRM proces jaargesprekken en aanstellingen (2015)
Status juni 2015
Papieren prototypes (juni 2015)

PhD Training

Contact person Annette ten Teije

  • PhD Training Form PhD Training Form (to be filled in 3 months after starting date or 1st of April 2016, required for all PhD students who started after April 1st 2015)



Management team
Guus Schreiber (head of department)
Stefan Schlobach (education)
Guszti Eiben (research)
Kris de Jong (department manager)
Office managers
Caroline Waij
Mojca Lovrencak
Coordination new building
Marco Otte


Educational coordinator
Otto Schrofer
Curriculum directors ("Opleidingsdirecteuren")
Bachelor programs: Stefan Schlobach
Masters Computer Science & PDCS: Wan Fokkink
Master Artificial Intelligence: Evert Haasdijk
Master Information Sciences: Hajo Reijers
Master Bioinformatics & System Biology: Jaap Heringa
Portfolio coordinators UvA-VU
Bachelor programs: Wan Fokkink
Master programs: Andy Pimentel
OLC BSc Computer Science
Femke van Raamsdonk (chair)
Jacco van Ossenbruggen
Natalia Silvis-Cividjian (advisor)
OLC MSc Computer Science + PDCS
Joerg Endrullis (chair)
Spyros Voulgaris
Ivano Malavolta
Alban Ponse (Uva)
OLC Information, Multmedia & Management and Master Information Sciences
Henrik Leopold (chair)
Victor de Boer (member)
Patricia Lago (member)
Matty Huntjes (advisor)
OLC B.Sc. Lifestyle Informatics
Michel Klein (vz)
Annette ten Teije
Tobias Kuhn
OLC M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence
Michel Klein (vz)
Annette ten Teije
Tobias Kuhn
OLC Business Analytics
Guszti Eiben (member)
OLC Bioinformatics & System Biology
Anton Feenstra (chair)
Jaap Heringa (advisor)
Master coordinators
Computer Science – Track CSS: Herbert Bos
Computer Science – Track FCC: Femke van Raamsdonk
Computer Science – Track IWT + HPC: Spyros Voulgaris
Computer Science - Track SEG: Patricia Lago
Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems: Wan Fokkink
Information Sciences – Track BIS: Hajo Reigers
Information Sciences – Track W&M: Victor de Boer
Artificial Intelligence: Mark Hoogendoorn
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology: Jaap Heringa
Study advisors bachelor
CS and IMM - year 1: Natalia Silvis
CS and IMM - year 2+3: Matty Huntjes
Lifestyle Informatics: Vera Stebletsova
CS - year 1 - international students: Romy Blankendaal
Exam committees
Hans Akkermans (chair exam committee Informatics)
Mark Hoogendoorn (secretary exam committee Informatics)
Tibor Bosse (member exam committee Informatics)
"Vakwerkgroep" (outreach to prospective students)
tba (chair)
Mark Hoogendoorn
Jesper Hoeksema
Internationalisation committee
Tibor Bosse


Network Institute
Ivar Vermeulen (Director)
ARW (Scientific council)
Henri Bal (chair)
Guszti Eiben
Alfons Hoekstra (UvA)
Patricia Lago
Amsterdam Data Science centre
Henri Bal (management team)
Sanne Abeln (management team)
National evaluation 2015
Annette ten Teije (author VU report)
Guszti Eiben (author VU report)
Frank van Harmelen (national coordination)

Wiki info

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