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Cloud/Virtualization on DAS-4

  • The two most common virtualization technologies used in a Cloud research environment are Xen and KVM.
  • Most prominent Cloud computing projects support both Xen and KVM.
    • Using Xen requires a (Xen-specific) special kernel which takes additional setup and maintenance time.
    • KVM integrates nicely with the standard kernel and RedHat puts significantly more development time in KVM than in Xen.
  • Supporting both Xen and KVM on different node sets reduces the possibilities of doing reproducable large-scale measurements on DAS-4.

Therefore DAS-4 virtualization support is focussed on KVM.

OpenNebula setup on DAS-4

OpenNebula is currently installed on the DAS-4/VU and DAS-4/Delft clusters. These setups are regularly updated when a new stable OpenNebula release becomes available.

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