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After years of deliberation a decision has been made: A new residential area will be developed in the Duivendrechtse polder, just to the north of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. The homes are meant for the middle and upper market segments, especially expats and highly skilled workers active on the Amsterdamse Zuidas.

Because the Duivendrechtse polder used to be a conservation area a compromise has been agreed: only low detached houses will be built to preserve the rural character. This is combined with a number of stringent restrictions with regards to the properties and surface water. This all makes it a challenging planning task. The city council is considering three variants: 40 houses, 70 houses and 100 houses.

The assumption is that a house is worth more if there is a larger clearance between houses, but the exact percentages are estimated.


Deliver a ground plan (2D or 3D) for each of the three variants. The ground plans for each variant are scared on the cumulative value of the houses.

Properties and Requirements of the Plot

1. The plot is a 200x170 meter area.

2. Because Amstelhaege is in a polder, at least 20% of the plot needs to be surface water

3. For drainage reasons the surface water should be divided into a maximum of 4 bodies. The shape of the water is a rectangle with a maximum side-ratio of 1:4. Different bodies of water may not be adjacent and need at least 3 meters between them.

4. The houses in the area need to consist out of 50% family homes, 30% bungalows and 20% villas.

Properties and Requirements for the Homes

5. A family home is 8x8 meters (wide x deep) and has a base value of € 285,000.-. The home needs a minimum clearance of 2 meters, every extra meter confers a 3% premium on the price. Family Home
6. A bungalow is 10x7.5 meters (wide x deep) and has a base value of € 399,000.-. The home needs a minimum clearance of 3 meters, every extra meter confers a 4% premium on the price. Bungalow
7. A Mansion is 11x10.5 meters (wide x deep) and has a base value of € 610,000.-. The home needs a minimum clearance of 6 meters, every extra meter confers a 6% premium on the price. Mansion

Calculating the Clearance

  • The clearance of a home is the smallest distance between it and the closest other home. In other words, for a clearance of 6 meters every other home needs to be at least 6 meters away. This is measured from the walls, so not the centre of the house.
  • The edges of the area also count as a wall for the calculations. A family home within 2 meters from the edge is therefore not allowed!
  • The corners of the houses also count as a wall, you therefore may need to calculate the distance between corners.
  • Surface water does count as clearance, a house may be adjacent to water.

Value Premium

  • The premium per meter is not cumulative! A villa with two meters extra clearance gets a 12.0%, not a 12.36% premium.


  • Because Amstelhaege needs to be a family friendly neighbourhood the district wants to include playgrounds and make sure these are easily accessible for every hous in the region.
  • A playground is 25x20 meters and should be placed in such a way that each house is no more than 50 meters away
  • A playground does not count as clearance
  • Each playground costs € 500.000,-
  • You may place as many playgrounds as you want


External Links

A comparable case is the new neighbourhood in Fijnaart, Noord-Brabant. Here the area is 200x170 meter and requires around 100 houses.

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