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What we have



  • Arduino Uno Board x10
  • Proto PCB x10
  • 15mm Strip 6 and 8 ways x10
  • strip 40x1 x4
  • Kit Workshop Base Level Without Arduino Board x5
  • Ethernet Shield x3
  • Getting Started With Arduino x1
  • Sensor Shield V.2 x10
  • Button Module x4
  • LDR Module x2
  • Tilt Module x2
  • Therm Module x2
  • Accelerometer Module x3
  • Hall Sensor x4
  • Rotary Potentiometer Module x5
  • Linear Potentiometer Module x4
  • Touch Sensor Module x5
  • Joystick Module x5
  • Relay Module x5
  • Mosfet Module x5
  • High Power Led Module x2
  • 5mm Green Led Module x2
  • 5mm Yellow Led Module x2
  • 5mm Red Led Module x2
  • 10mm Green Led Module x2
  • 10mm Blue Led Module x2
  • 10mm Yellow Led Module x2
  • 10mm Red Led Module x2
  • 20cm Cables x20
  • 50cm Cables x10
  • 100cm Cables x5
  • Usb Cables A/B x10
  • Micro Servo Module x4
  • 12V 2A power supply 10x
  • Flex Sensor 5 cm x2
  • Wave Shield for Arduino Kit x2
  • Mini Photocell (Pack of 5 sensors) x2
  • Kit-LEDs-Switches x1
  • Small Casing (110x70x45 mm) x2
  • IR distance sensor x1
  • 4GB SD card x2

Network & power


I borrowed the following items from Intertain

  • 24port DLINK switch x2
  • ethernet cables ~x20
  • 4-outlet splitter x1
  • 3-outlet splitter x1


  • 6 PC Precision Screwdriver Set x2
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