API Development in Online Fitness Applications

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has title::API Development in Online Fitness Applications
status: ongoing
Master: project within::Multimedia
Student name: student name::Peter Gels
number: student number::1536478
Start start date:=2010/02/01
End end date:=2010/06/30
Supervisor: Anton Eliens
Second reader: has second reader::Michel Klein
Company: has company::DIGIFiT
Poster: has poster::Media:Media:Posternaam.pdf

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In March of 2009, VirtuaGym was released in a closed beta. In the meantime, the platform has been tested by a large amount of users and VirtuaGym now is in its open beta stage. In a short term the online gym will be launched as well, in which members of VirtuaGym can exercise with others through the internet from their rooms. DIGIFiT has the vision that VirtyaGym needs to be an open platform, on which product developers can also connect their own applications. This means that producers can connect their interactive exercise equipment and/or exercise games to the lifestyle management and competition system of VirtuaGym, so that users can keep track of among others their burned calories within VirtuaGym, or compare themselves to others in an online competition. This allows third parties to add the lifestyle tools, the social factor and the competition element easily to their products for a small investment. This connection will be available under the name VirtuaGym Connect. There are already a number of parties that are going to connect their products to VirtuaGym. In this project I will perform an independent research on how VirtuaGym Connect can be set up in the most optimal way, where the key is that it needs to be an open standard. In this research I will look at the requirements and demands for such an open communication standard in exergaming and life-style, where I also need to take into account the security, scalability, identification, simplicity, standardization and assessment. During the research, I will develop a working proof of concept for an open communication standard, where the results of my pre-research will support on workability and efficiency. As a test case, I will contribute to the development of the prototype for a fitness application that will communicate with VirtuaGym through VirtuaGym Connect.