A computational model for emotion regulation

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has title::A computational model for emotion regulation
status: finished
Master: project within::Cognitive Science
Student name: student name::Matthijs Pontier
number: student number::1337254
Start start date:=2006/10/01
End end date:=2007/07/01
Supervisor: Tibor Bosse
Second reader: has second reader::Jan Treur
Poster: has poster::Media:poster_Matthijs.png

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This thesis introduces a computational model that is able to simulate emotion regulation, based on a model that is described informally by Gross. In experiments, the model proved to be able to simulate simple emotion regulation processes. Also adaptive emotion regulation behaviour could be simulated by the model, in which the subject changes its willingness to change behaviour in favour of emotion regulation, regarding the success of its emotion regulation in the past. Furthermore, the effect of events that influence emotion regulation, like a trauma or a therapy, could be simulated by the model. The model has been incorporated into virtual agents for the purpose of a virtual storytelling application. This resulted in realistic behaviour.