Advanced Metering Infrastructure for Smart Grids

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About Advanced Metering Infrastructure for Smart Grids


This project is offered by KPMG, Amstelveen.

An advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is a system of networked devices, e.g. smart (electrical) meters, and forms the basis of a so-called Smart Grid. With a Smart Grid it is possible, e.g. to match energy consumption to green energy production by, e.g., (externally) managing domestic devices, provide personalized services to consumers and even allow consumers to become suppliers of energy. For this to work requires real-time, up-to a minute, bi-directional communication between the networked devices and a robust and scalable communication network.

This project consists of a literature study and designing a advanced metering infrastructure. The aim of the literature study is to explore the available smart metering technologies and to determine which of these technologies allow to build a robust, scalable and future proof Smart Grid. This is then followed by developing an architectural network design of a Smart Grid for the chosen technologies. Implementing the AMI design in a toy Monte Carlo simulation is also a possibility.

Contact: dr. Jan M. Amoraal, +31 6 51837630,