Algorithms for fast and accurate radar data processing

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About Algorithms for fast and accurate radar data processing

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TNO is developing compact radar systems for small aircraft and other applications. Recently a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), called AMBER 4, has been flight tested and the development of real-time processing capability is one of the next steps required.

High resolution radar image formation requires application of Back Projection algorithms, leading to very large amounts of computation. A special feature of the AMBER system is Digital Beam Forming; this allows new modes of operation, which, however, will largely depend on the capability of the processor. At the same time, future systems and processors should be accommodated within small (unmanned) aircraft with severe size and power constraints.

In this project, we aim to evaluate and improve the performance of the algorithms involved in the radar image formation. Multiple candidates exist, and performance estimation, design and implementation, as well as thorough performance analysis are required for choosing the best ones.

The project will require algorithm analysis and design, a moderate to high programming workload, and moderate experimental work.