An exploratory study on the usage of networking protocols in mobile apps

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About An exploratory study on the usage of networking protocols in mobile apps


Problem statement: Nowadays mobile applications have the same recurrent architecture from a networking point of view. More specifically, they all follow a client-server communication architecture, where all the code of the client is deployed on the device of the end user, whereas data and back-end services are deployed on one or more servers. The communication among the two relies on standard networking protocols, such as HTTP1/HTTP2, Web sockets, etc.

Assignment Description: This thesis aims at exploring how real mobile applications actually use networking protocols. The study will be conducted on a dataset of more than 12,000 real-world mobile applications, which have been mined from the Google Play store. The thesis consists also in developing a tool that takes as input a mobile app, analyzes it (statically), and extracts all the used networking protocols. The execution of the above mentioned tool on each mobile app of the dataset will help the community in understanding how wide spread, recently introduced, or even custom protocols are used in real mobile apps. It will be interesting to understand how different protocols may be spread across different categories, in order to see which protocol “best suits” specific types of mobile apps. }}