Benchmarking Multi-Core Processors

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About Benchmarking Multi-Core Processors

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In the early 2000s, increasing the frequency of single-core processors has reached the point of diminishing returns. Multi-core processors have emerged as an alternative approach for increasing processor performance: instead of having a single, large, very complex, power hungry core per processor, these new computing architectures combine multiple "simplified" cores, which, by running concurrently, achieve better overall performance than the equivalent single-cores.

Several types of multi-core architectures have emerged, making classifications and comparisons between them non-trivial. This project focuses on developing a strategy and a toolkit for benchmarking multi-core processors. The proposed strategy has to include a set of metrics, as well as means to measure them. The toolkit should include a set of representative applications (synthetic and/or complex) that focus on the proposed metrics and can quantify them in a deterministic way; the applications should be implemented in a common language (e.g., OpenCL), able to accommodate all studied architectures.