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Seminar Series and Writing a Research Proposal is intended to make students acquainted with the academic practice of writing and defending research proposals.


  • Becoming aware of the major issues and methodology in a selected bioinformatics and/or systems biology topic area.
  • Obtaining hands-on experience in writing a Bioinformatics and Systems Biology research proposal.
  • The student will have some exposure to semi-realistic a proposal procedure.


  • Induction by supervisor and selection of proposal topic (possibly multiple meetings)
  • Attending three or more seminars on the proposal topic
  • Writing short seminar report about seminars attended
  • Reading scientific literature
  • Discussions with supervisor about selected research topic for the proposal
  • Writing the proposal
  • Mid-term check with supervisor of progress and state of report (one meeting minimally)
  • Discussion of finalised proposal with supervisor, and implementing proposal amendments and/or corrections.
  • Preparation of proposal interview (prepare 5 slides and a 10-minute presentation)
  • Proposal presentation and interview by mock committee
  • Revising the proposal based on comments from mock committee


  • progress and contacts during course (pass)
  • seminar report (pass)
  • research proposal (50%)
    • Abstract: concise & convincing?
    • Introduction - Context: clarity, convincing, urgency?
    • Objectives - Relevance to Bioinformatics: innovative, feasible?
    • Deliverables - Implementation Plan: feasible, impact?
    • Writing style: convincing, clear, structured?
  • final presentation/interview (50%)
    • Originality
    • Technical Quality
    • Urgency
    • Relevance to Bioinformatics
    • Feasibility

See also the grading form

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