Bioinformatics Programming Classes 2012-2013

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  • Recommended book: Learning Python, Mark Lutz, David Ascher, O'Reilly Media

... after this class ...

If you are thinking of choosing the Bioinformatics profile (even if you're not sure yet) you should already (now) enroll in the course Inleiding programmeren (Python) course ID 401096 via VUnet. Currently, this seems not to be possible because the course is not linked to the master programme. I will try to get this sorted out as soon as possible.

Course Material

Class 1 - intro to linux

Class 2 - python shell: print, operator, types, if exercise: 'calculation' script

Class 3 - lists, for exercise: sum i over n; n!

Class 4 - Functions, scope, namespace, import, while exercise: calculator using functions; interactive calculator with error handling; guessing game

Class 5 - file I/O, dictionaries, string manipulation (e.g., split) exercise: codon table & translation

Class 6 - Regular expressions

Class 7 - Putting everything together exercise: GO parsing

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