Business rules and type inference

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About Business rules and type inference

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This project would be conducted with co-supervision from experts in business rules and the RuleXpress system:

RuleXpress is a business rule authoring environment with an emphasis on vocabulary management, a flexible property model and business rules that adhere to custom patterns. It is meant for non-technical business users and can be used in many different fields.

Many clients have a wish to use these rules in an IT environment. Traditionally, this meant the integration of a rule engine of some vendor. Instead of relying on the proprietary technologies, we think code generation environments might offer more interesting possibilities, as there is more freedom in the choice of IT environment.

As a step towards the integration with code generation tools, it would be very useful to have a way to define and verify the semantics of these rules. You can currently, for instance, have a rule that defines a calculation and uses several other rules, but there are no checks that all dependencies of a rule are met and have the right type.

Which tools can be used to define and verify the semantics of the parsed rules, as a first step towards code generation?