Business vocabulary and linked data

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About Business vocabulary and linked data

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This project would be conducted with co-supervision from experts in business rules and the RuleXpress system:

RuleXpress has a strong focus on the specification of business vocabulary. In our experience, defining a shared vocabulary with synonyms and a taxonomical hierarchy is an essential step for getting the business rules right. Once defined, the vocabulary can be exported to html reports.

How can Linked Data be used for sharing this business vocabulary between different applications and RuleXpress users in different environments? What are the possibilities of the current semantic web standards and what are the limitations? What are the benefits over custom json/xml documents?

The vocabulary can be expected to change often. Terms might have a different meaning after a while. How can url’s, urn’s and named graphs be used to handle this properly? How can RuleXpress use the vocabulary defined elsewhere, in other repositories? Should RuleXpress push information relevant to foreign repositories when changes occur?