Calibration and Validation of a Data Quality Model

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Calibration and Validation of a Data Quality Model
status: ongoing
Student name: student name::Aydin Cortuk
Start start date:=2016/01/01
End end date:=2016/07/31
Supervisor: Davide Ceolin
Company: has company::VU / SIG
Thesis: has thesis::Media:Thesis.pdf
Poster: has poster::Media:Posternaam.pdf

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About Calibration and Validation of a Data Quality Model


Background: Data is the new gold. Enterprises and public organisations are increasingly aware of the importance of data for continuity and improvement of their business processes. But how can one establish objectively whether the data of an organisation matches required quality standards. The Software Improvement Group and Finavista have jointly developed a measurement model for determining the quality of enterprise data. The model operationalizes the ISO 25012 international standard for data quality.

Goals: In this project, you will apply the data quality model in a number of case studies, study its statistical behaviour, and draw lessons about its strengths and weaknesses. If necessary, you will design improvements to the model based on your analysis.