Changeability of SOA enterprise applications through SOA design patterns

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has title::Changeability of SOA enterprise applications through SOA design patterns
status: finished
Student name: student name::Arjan Hiemstra
number: student number::1524313
Start start date:=2009/08/01
End end date:=2009/04/01
Supervisor: Patricia Lago
Second reader: has second reader::Qing Gu
Company: has company::Infosupport
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Info Support has created a software factory called Endeavour. With Endeavour, we can create service-oriented architecture enterprise applications (SOAEA). Endeavour is based on practical experience. Info Support started with developing SOA software with traditional software methods such as RUP (Rational Unified Process). Those methods are partly prescribed by Endeavour and many projects have been developed success-fully with this method.

While Info Support has implemented many successful implementations, there are probably still points to improve. The goal of Info Support is to improve development and maintenance of SOAEA based on functional- and non-functional requirements. However, every application developed with Endeavour has other requirements. This means that some SOAEA’s have to use differ techniques and methods. Info Support collects this knowledge and adds this to Endeavour.

It will cost too much time to research all practical techniques and methods of Endeavour on improvement, so the problem is divided in several quality attributes. This master project will treat the changeability quality attribute.

To reason about changeability of a SOAEA, we have to split the SOAEA in several parts. This will be realized by expressing a SOAEA in patterns that cover techniques and methods. We will study the changeability impact of the SOA design patterns. When we know what the changeability impact of a pattern is, we may maybe conclude the changeability of a SOAEA because we will try to expressed the SOAEA in patterns.

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