Collaborative game development

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has title::Collaborative game development
status: finished
Master: project within::Multimedia
Student name: student name::Mike Hergaarden
Start start date:=2011/01/03
End end date:=2011/06/30
Supervisor: Anton Eliens
Second reader: has second reader::Michiel Hildebrand
Company: has company::M2H
Poster: has poster::Media:MasterThesis_UnityCollab.pdf

Signature supervisor



Collaboration in game development can be a painful process. When several people in a development team depend on each other, miscommunication can often lead to missing deadlines. This thesis discusses collaboration in game development with the purpose of streamlining it. The first chapters provide a general overview of (multiplayer) game development. Lessons learned in multiplayer game development can be extrapolated to collaboration and vice versa. We will discuss the issues involved in collaboration in more detail, and provide solutions to closely-coupled, real-time, collaboration between actual game developers. This thesis is accompanied by a practical implementation of a tool that is aimed at improving collaboration, namely UnityCollab. UnityCollab is a proposed solution that supports collaboration in game development projects. UnityCollab has not been used in production environments yet, but the "lab results" are very promising. UnityCollab will therefore be developed further to be made suitable for production environments.