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has title::Colorfull architects
status: finished
Student name: student name::Mohammed Bakkar
Start start date:=2012/02/01
End end date:=2013/07/24
Supervisor: Hans van Vliet
Second supervisor: Rik Farenhorst
Second reader: has second reader::Rik Farenhorst
Company: has company::Inspearit
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About Colorful architects

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Software architects have many duties, ranging from devising software solutions to influencing key stakeholders and communicating with external parties. De Caluwe has developed a model which distinguishes five ways of thinking about and dealing with change in organizations:

- Yellow change focuses on power and interests

- Blue change stands for detailed planning and controlling processes

- Red change focuses on developing people

- Green change is about learning and building a learning organization

- White change means stimulating the willingness that is inherent in organization

The aim of this project is to build a dashboard to assess organizations and their architects according to the above color scheme. It involves devising a questionnaire or survey instrument, and testing it on a number of organizations. The project is done in cooperation with CIBIT.