Debugging memory errors without resorting to magic

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About Debugging memory errors without resorting to magic

  • This project has not yet been fulfilled.
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Memory errors represent a major source of security vulnerabilities in widely deployed C programs. The inability to diagnose and fix them effectively may allow attackers to perform undesirable actions including stealing confidential data or compromising a system. Existing debuggers offer very little support in diagnosing arbitrary memory errors quickly and effectively.

The goal of this project is to design and implement a specialized memory error debugger on top of the standard GNU debugger (GDB). The debugger will rely on LLVM to extract information about the program under analysis and offer higher-level debugging primitives than standard breakpoint/watchpoint/catchpoint functionalities to simplify memory error debugging.

This is a research-oriented project in the context of the security and reliability research conducted in our team. Successful results can be published in an international computer systems conference.