Diversity supporting Teamwork in Software Engineering Student Projects

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About Diversity supporting Teamwork in Software Engineering Student Projects

  • This project has been fulfilled.
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In modern organizations IT projects (among others) are carried out by people forming social groups similar to those based on gender, culture, race, ethnicity, or religion. Identity diversity is relevant to problem solving and prediction to the extent that it leads to cognitive diversity, the kind that differentiates among individuals on the basis of the intellectual tools they possess [Ergodomus IEEE Software May/June 2009].

In this project we seek to analyze and represent the specific characteristics of diversity in groups of students working together to develop software related results, and that belong to different cultures and or nationalities. This to increase awareness about potential pros and cons, and therewith help the group members to better understand one another, and achieve top performance from both social and technical perspectives.

One of the results is a web based application that helps students to model diversity characteristics, customize them for personal aspects, and use this as a tool to discuss diversity, team building and optimal project planning.

This project is not available anymore.