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has title::User Interaction Design for a LOD-based Mobile Cultural City Tour Guide
status: finished
Master: project within::Information Sciences
Student name: student name::Edwin Schootemeijer
Start start date:=2012/01/09
End end date:=2012/08/16
Supervisor: Lora Aroyo
Second supervisor: Victor de Boer
Second reader: has second reader::Victor de Boer
Company: has company::VU
Thesis: has thesis::Media:Edwin_Schootemeijer_-_Master_Thesis.pdf
Poster: has poster::Media:Posternaam.pdf

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More and more, cultural institutions employ city and museum tours to encourage visitors to explore their collections. However, most of them have many limitations for the end-users and lack true contextualization and personalization. Recently, a tendency to use open data to feed such tours can be observed. Museums are enriching their collections with Linked Open Data (LOD), which offers new opportunities as well as challenges for city and museum tours. Utilizing a subset of the LOD Cloud containing cultural heritage of Amsterdam, AmsterTour is an ongoing research project aimed to develop a mobile city tour guide for this data subset that generates personalized tours. We found that despite the limitations that the LOD subset entails, it has the potential to become an excellent source of information for a mobile city tour guide. We have identified interesting links between the collections, and found a way to overcome the difficulty of ranking links with a four-point ranking method, which can be adapted and used for other LOD collections. In a focus group of end users, we identified what is most important and most interesting for them in a mobile tour application. Based on their opinion and a data analysis a user interface for AmsterTour was designed, which was qualitatively evaluated and improved. We evaluated the improved version with an online survey on flexibility and interface elements, which showed that we have designed an easy-to-use user interface that supports flexibility for the user interaction with AmsterTour, of which users thought that the features helped them to easily customize a tour to their preferences. We have designed a promising application that can bring the power of LOD to the general public.