FoB 2010 Exam Questions

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Some Example Exam Questions

The exam will consist of basic and advanced questions. Expect about six basic questions (for about 10% each), and three advanced questions of which you should choose two (for 20% each). All questions relate to material that has been discussed (not just mentioned!) in class, and/or is related to the project.

Basic questions (answer using 50-100 words each):

  1. About Fig. 1 in Brenner et al:
    1. Different scoring methods are shown, such as sequence identity, raw alignment score and e-values. Which of the scores performs best for homology detection? How could you explain this?
    2. What is the difference between a "Roc -plot", a false positive vs false negative plot, and Coverage vs Errors per Query plot? Please explain all the axis in terms of FP, FN, TP en TN. Under which circumstances would you use the different plots?
  1. What is required to get evolution in a system?

Advanced Questions (answer using 300-500 words each):

  1. How does one determine whether two sequences are homologous:
    1. Theoretically?
    2. Practically?