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has title::IT Landscape Information Portal
status: finished
Master: project within::Software Engineering
Student name: student name::Balagopal Ramachandran Pillai
Start start date:=2012/01/09
End end date:=2012/08/08
Supervisor: Hans van Vliet
Second supervisor: Daniel Jeavons
Second reader: has second reader::Peng Liang
Company: has company::Shell International
Thesis: has thesis::Media:Thesis.pdf
Poster: has poster::Media:Posternaam.pdf

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Currently, Shell describes its IT landscape in a number of different data repositories. For example, process models are stored in ProVision, Data models in System Architect, Application information in the F-CMDB(federated-Configuration Management Database) application. The pieces of data stored in these repositories are related and are often required to be reviewed together to allow the businesses to effectively understand their IT landscape. The current IT infrastructure and applications doesn’t provide access to view the IT landscape, stored in the various data sources. For accessing these various data sources, access to a number of different tools are required. Hence, locating the required data is a time consuming process or, more often, people simply do not spend the time to look for the information and hence start from scratch to obtain the information that they need.

The solution that Shell has proposed is that of a one stop-shop where all the data from all of these different data sources is linked together and available for use. The project focuses on exposing the meta-data stored in these various tools via a portal based on the relationships between the data entities and the pictorial representation of these relationships as represented by models (where available). The user will also be able to track the data back to its sources. This will add more productivity to the enterprise architecture teams, as well as business analysts, IT support teams and IT managers who want to understand how their landscape functions. This will also help with providing an overview for new staff members who are not familiar with the landscape.