Improving database performance with micro-adaptivity

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Improving database performance with micro-adaptivity
status: ongoing
Student name: student name::Bogdan Raducanu
Start start date:=2012/03/01
End end date:=2012/08/16
Supervisor: Henri Bal
Company: has company::Vectorwise
Thesis: has thesis::Media:Thesis.pdf
Poster: has poster::Media:Posternaam.pdf

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About Improving database performance with micro-adaptivity

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One of the major problems when optimizing code for databases (and not only!) is optimizing the code for different query types, data distributions, compilers, hardware configurations etc. This is because the same functionality can be often implemented using logically-equivalent algorithms that exhibit completely different performance characteristics on different loads. In this project we would investigate how the system could automatically detect which version of a given functionality is optimal for a given problem, focusing on most basic elements of database systems that perform the actual data processing.

This is a hands-on hard-core engineering project inside the Vectorwise database system. The candidate would need to demonstrate very good programming skills and interest in high performance. This research also has a high chance of getting a real scientific publication.

Vectorwise offers an attractive intern scholarship and a great working environment. The work is supervised daily be Marcin Zukowski, PhD from Vectorwise and Peter Boncz, PhD from CWI and VU. In the last few years MSc projects at Vectorwise produced a number of very good Master's theses as well as scientific publications and commercial-product contributions.