Integrating Jason into AgentScape - Joining BDI Theory with Agent Technology practise

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has title::Integrating Jason into AgentScape - Joining BDI Theory with Agent Technology practise
status: finished
Master: project within::Knowledge Technology and Intelligent Internet Applications
Student name: student name::Rogier van het Schip
number: student number::1329782
Start start date:=2008/03/01
End end date:=2008/10/01
Supervisor: Dr. Martijn Warnier
Second reader: has second reader::Prof. Dr. Frances M. T. Brazier
Poster: has poster::Media:jasonAgentScape.pdf

Signature supervisor



In general, Computer Science agent platforms maintain a simple agent model. In contrast, Artificial Intelligence agent technology maintains a strict agent model, requiring agents to have mental notions such as beliefs, desires and intentions (BDI). This strict model offers advantages for application developers in certain domains, as it represents a higher level of abstraction than traditional programming languages, more akin to human reasoning. To offer this strict BDI agent model to Computer Science agent platforms, this thesis describes the integration of the high-level BDI agent programming language Jason into the AgentScape agent platform, which maintains a simple agent model. The selection of relevant BDI languages is discussed, as well as the approach to integrate AgentScape and Jason. The resulting integration succeeded: Jason’s BDI reasoning engine, internal actions, agent creation and part of Jason’s communication features are all available in the integrated system.