Knowledge Management in a financial customer support environment

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has title::A knowledge management strategy to foster operational excellence
status: finished
Master: project within::Information Sciences
Student name: student name::IJsbrand den Otter
number: student number::1204335
Start start date:=2009/01/19
End end date:=2009/07/20
Supervisor: Michel Klein
Second reader: has second reader::Steven Klusener
Company: has company::ING Wholesale Banking
Poster: has poster::Media:Media:Posternaam.pdf

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The aim of this research project in knowledge management is to systematically discover knowledge-related problems in a complex organization and to propose a possible solution. This solution is based on a strategy that is appropriate for the organization. A top-down strategy was explicitly applied: by first consulting the strategic and tactical management and, later on, the operational layer of the organization, the actual problems and the actual business needs could be identified. In this way, recommendations for knowledge management measures that are not rooted in the actual situation in the operational layer were avoided.

The organizational strategy and opportunity areas for knowledge management lead to the proposal of a codification strategy. This strategy can be implemented using existing information systems. Two systems were found that can contribute to a better knowledge management in the primary business processes. The IRIS system contains the functionality to enter the Compass-intranet. Compass can serve as a knowledge repository for problem solutions and process descriptions. In this way, the CRM-purpose of IRIS is not compromised. In combination with proper processes for the codification of organizational knowledge, a better knowledge management is achieved. If exemplary for other parts of the value chain in which the organization at hand is incorporated, it is very useful to perform the same type of analysis in these areas as well to achieve an organization-wide notion of what knowledge management is or should be.