Linked Data on low-resource hardware (RaspberryPI-LOD)

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About Linked Data on low-resource hardware (RaspberryPI-LOD)


Current design of platforms and utilities that make use of Linked Data assume the availability of a Web infrastructure encompassing centralized data-centers, high speed reliable Internet connectivity, and powerful modern client devices. The implications can be serious: If any of these necessary conditions is missing, end users are unable to be served of the benefits that Linked Data provides. This is not only relevant in natural disaster scenarios but also in the reality of daily life of billions of people.

In this project, you will investigate to what extent low-resource hardware such as RaspberryPIs, Sheevaplugs, etc. are ready for Linked Data triple stores and vice versa. The research will comprise a benchmarking experiment on a number of such devices. We have a number of interesting use cases and data that goes with it including medical, economical and aid transparency data.

The research will be done at VU in collaboration with DANS (