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About Linking BiographyNet

  • This project has not yet been fulfilled.
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The BiographyNet project uses data from the Biography Portal of the Netherlands, which contains approximately 125,000 biographies from a variety of Dutch biographical dictionaries. An interlinked semantic knowledge base will be created by extracting relations between people, places, historic events and time periods from biographical descriptions. Through a combination of data enrichment, visualisation and browsing techniques, BiographyNet wants to inspire historians to set up new research projects. The aim of BiographyNet is to develop a demonstrator that supports the discovery of interrelations between people, events, places and time periods in biographical descriptions.

In this Master project, the student will investigate and/or perform the linking of the BiographyNet data with other Linked Data collections. Which data sets can be considered? Which types of resources (e.g. people, places) can be linked? What meta data can be used to verify equality? How to perform the actual linking? Which tools can be used? These are some of the questions that come in to play for this project.

The student has to have a basic understanding of RDF, SPARQL queries and a popular scripting language, or the ability to learn these skills before the start of the project.