Many-core join query processing

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About Many-core join query processing


|free text=}} Database systems are an important component in many IT architectures, and relational join is the most important query processing operator. On modern hardware, effective use of parallelism is crucial, but difficult to achieve on many cores and complex memory architectures with NUMA effects. Vector (previous Vectorwise) is a spin-off from CWI, and is currently the highest performance analytical database engine. Yet, critical parts of its join algorithm should be redesigned to better make use of many-core technology.

The project will be advised by Peter Boncz, and co-advised by an Actian engineer. Actian is located at Science Park in Watergraafsmeer and usually pays an intern salary.

See for previous examples of MSc theses with Vectorwise. They tend to be pretty good and often led to a publication. Looking for proficient students only.