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has title::Increasing childrens intrinsic motivation by playing with an adaptive robot
status: ongoing
Student name: student name::Chrissy van der Wal
Start start date:=2010/09/01
End end date:=2011/06/01
Supervisor: Michel klein
Company: has company::TNO, defense and security
Poster: has poster::Media:Media:Posternaam.pdf

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The Aliz-E project is an European project funded by the EU to develop a robot that can interact with children in a hospital setting. The robot can take on three different roles: 1. the one of buddy, in which it will play with the child purely for entertainment 2. the one of educator, in which it will try to teach the child on the illness 3. the one of motivator, in which it will try to motivate the child to practice a certain behavior (eat more healthy, improve different kind of skills) My research is on the motivational role of the robot. Through a field-experiment with 20 children, I want to investigate the motivational role of the robot by making the robot adaptive on the performance of the child. The child will play a game with the robot, in which mathematical assignments are incorporated. One robot will be adaptive on the performance of the child, which will most likely lead to a higher user satisfaction (level is just right). The other robot will not be adaptive, which will lead to frustration by the user (it is too hard or too easy). The hypothesis is that motivation of the child to play with the adaptive robot will remain high/increase, whereas the the motivation of the child to play with the non-adaptive robot will decrease. Measures of intrinsic motivation will be a questionnaire (Intrinsic Motivation Inventory), the performance on the game and the assignments and 'the amount of time played with the robot while provided with other options', also known as the free-choice period. The robot used is the NAO robot, which is fully programmable.

To know more about the project, come to the meeting on the 18th of January!