Monitoring the cloud

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About Monitoring the cloud


This project is offered by KPMG, Amstelveen.

The main challenge when migrating services to the cloud is to identify the security issues and the problems which can derive from loss of control. After the services are migrated to a cloud provider, organizations should continue monitoring these services. Most of the cloud providers already have some type of monitoring which allows clients to see the status of their services, but unfortunately sometimes these monitoring tools are not detailed enough or the mapping between the virtual and physical resources isn't visualized correctly.

This project consists of a literature study and the design and implementation of a real-time monitoring tool. The literature study should examine how different virtualization techniques and architecture designs can influence the client's services. This is followed by the implementation of a reliable monitoring tool which shows the mapping of the client's services to the underlying virtualized and physical layers. The status and performance of these services should be monitored near real-time.

Contact: Drs. Ing. Tünde Bálint, +31 (0)65 198 8517,