Multitasking behavior and visual focus during video conferencing

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has title::Mulitasking behavior and visual focus during video conferencing.
status: finished
Student name: student name::Eveline van Everdingen
Start start date:=2015/03/09
End end date:=2015/10/30
Supervisor: Victor de Boer
Second supervisor: Jennifer Marlow
Second reader: has second reader::Lora Aroyo
Company: has company::FXPAL/VU
Thesis: has thesis::Media:Thesis.pdf
Poster: has poster::Media:Posternaam.pdf

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Video conferencing is widely used and enables people to have remote communication. However, these online conversations are not equal to face-to-face conversations. Video conferencing systems lack a certain transparency about visual focus. Eye-contact plays an important role in communication and attention, and makes people messages-senders trust even more. With most video-conferencing tools, the camera is positioned on top the screen, which is impossible to make eye-contact or indicate where the partner is looking.

Multitasking behavior might be a result of the reduced transparency in video conferencing. Most people are aware of their own multitasking behavior, however they disagree with others distracted behavior.

The effect of multitasking behavior on collaboration and attitude of the partner is the first part of the research project. In the second part of the project, improvements of this reduced transparency in visual focus will be researched to improve collaboration during video conferencing.