Nanopublications for Data Curation and Text Annotation

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About Nanopublications for Data Curation and Text Annotation

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Problem: Annotating text (for example scientific publications) with standardized terms to store them in databases is a costly and very demanding task, and so is the curation of data that is already captured.

Solution: We could allow everybody (e.g. scientists reading a paper anyways) to contribute to such datasets, but then we have to make sure that we know who provided what data entry to distinguish good from bad contributions. By capturing and publishing this authorship information of annotations, we can also motivate volunteers to contribute because they can get public recognition from that.

Method: We can build upon the nanopublication approach ( to format such small data entries in a formal way, and to record all provenance information (who created it when, with which tools, etc.). Like that we can record who published what, and give credit to those who deserve it, and thereby provide motivation to contribute valuable data.