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About Niger Delta Watch

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The Niger Delta Watch is a fairly new research project within the Computer Systems group. The project partner is the Stakeholder Democracy Network. SDN works to empower those worst affected by the activities of extractive industries in Nigeria and to help them to get a better life. Their activities are mainly focused on the troubled Niger Delta

Niger Delta Watch - General Information

Niger Delta Watch is a new website that is currently undergoing testing and evaluation by the staff of the NGO Stakeholder Democracy Network and its partners and communities in the Niger Delta. Using text messages, emails or an online form, anyone can submit reports on incidents that are happening around the Niger Delta into a central system. These reports are then checked, approved, categorized and added onto an online map and timeline helping to build a rich and interactive picture of what is happening in the Niger Delta region.

The system is currently under development and is not yet fully operational. They plan on making this more widely available in spring 2010.

Niger Delta Watch aims to use existing networks of NGO's, Civil Society Groups and communities/individuals themselves to submit reports. It is accessible to anyone with a mobile phone making it possible for remote communities to inform us of what is happening in their area by sending text messages.

Niger Delta Watch - VU Research

The research project working on the Niger Delta Watch is lead by assistant professor Melanie Rieback. There are currently two students involved in the project. Their respective projects will are detailed below. Applying mobile- and web-technologies to human rights reporting

This project is done as a final project for a computer science master in internet & web technology. In close partnership with SDN and their various partners we are trying to deploy a functional human rights reporting system using various open source mobile and web technologies. To aid the people on the ground collecting the information we try to integrate the following systems:

  • Ushahidi

Open source web framework for collecting reports and displaying them on a map.

  • FrontlineSMS

Open source system to synchronize mobile text messages to a pc and then to ushahidi.

  • Google Android Platform

Google's open source smartphone operating system and development platform. Used to develop a custom application for the Niger Delta Watch.

The student currently working on the project will finish his thesis in may. We are looking for other students who want to continue these efforts and further improve Niger Delta Watch.